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Enemy Within: An Islamic Educational Game for Children, was made during my Final Year Project where the aim is to incorporate Islamic element into games where children can learn while playing the game.

It centers around the main character's daily life, Zaid, where he constantly face some situations that cause him to do bad deeds. You play as Zaid's inner self where you HAVE TO FIND WISDOM within himself in the form of Quranic verses or hadith.

The idea of this game came from our observation where children within the range of 9-12 years old prefer games that is quick and easy to grasp. So instead of creating a full educational game, we make education as part of the game.

This game is still in development, there are still missing elements such as instructions, lose animations, and some bugs.

This is the first game that i developed with my friend, Wan Mohd Aizat, where I am the developer and he is the designer.

Only compatible on 1280x720.

Instructions :

1. Press A & D to move left and right.

2. Press SPACE to jump, and press SPACE again while jumping to perform double jump.

4. Must find wisdom in order to unlock the endpoint.

5. When you're dead, you will restart at the start point.


EnemyWithin v13.rar 24 MB


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I tried it and liked the stories but some of the levels were quite hard.

OMG! I didn't think someone would make a video of it.. haha
But I really appreciate you did it and made some comments of it. We'll try to make it better in the future. Thank you very much! :)